Cheltenham Skittles League

Minutes of

Annual General Meeting – Monday September 21st  2020

7.30pm Zoom Meeting




1.             Apologies:                                        

Mr T. Fulwell; Beavers, Tabards, Old Anchor Ladies, Charlies Angels 

2.             Minutes of the A.G.M. 2019,              previously issued.

Correction :  Tony Coleman down under apologies as Vice Chairman should read Vice President

Proposed:             Gerry Dowd

Seconded:            Wendy Watson


3.             Hon. Secretary’s Report:                    Mrs Charmian Sheppard

The season seems a long way back now, but I was grateful at the start for the permission granted at last year’s AGM to reshuffle the constitution offered and agreed, that being - if I lost a men’s team between the AGM and going to print I could reshuffle the divisions. At the time I had one team on the wobble, and sadly they did fall by the wayside. Some of their players joined other teams which was a good thing, and it enabled me to remove a Men’s division, and take out the byes. The Ladies divisions remained as presented.

As per usual the season progressed with some great matches, good scores, and a charity cup run which raised similar funds to the season prior to this, despite the loss of teams.

I don’t think any of us truly appreciated at the turn of the season just what was in front of us both in terms of the pandemic, and discipline meetings.

Committee take discipline meetings very seriously, talking to and questioning all teams involved, and although I am aware that the wider population do not always agree with outcomes, we can only do our level best acting on the information presented and the answers given in front of us. We remain committed to ensuring games are played in a great sporting atmosphere.

As for the pandemic, closing the season down with 80% of the games having been played was an action not taken lightly but one that was necessary to keep everyone safe – and it was not long after our decision that the whole country went into lockdown completely.

It has had a tremendous impact on us all and normality seems a long way off at the moment.

Postponing the AGM and the Presentation Night was not easy, but for obvious reasons these actions were taken. Retrieving the trophies has been a challenge, but I am almost there now, so planning can begin for their engraving and distribution. 

For the moment the way forward is to try and hold everyone together, the news that we have a new team application is uplifting, we just have to hope that, by us all supporting our local pubs and clubs in the best way that we can individually for the moment, this will ensure that they are able and happy to welcome us back properly in 2021.

I have been tracking the daily Covid-19 briefings, in an effort to see light at the end of the tunnel and the news today does not lift spirits but I am sure. if we do take the advice and guidance given, we will see skittles return next year. 

In the meantime, it only remains for me to thank you for the kind comments, advice - well and the criticisms made which I take as all in the life of being the Hon. Secretary and to assure you that, with my hard hat ready, I will try and respond as calmly as I can, and reiterate the take care and stay safe message.


4.             Hon. Treasurer’s Report :                    Mr Gerry Dowd

Gerry explained  the accounts in detail.

Despite the Charity Cup run remaining unfinished, and the Covid 19 impact,  payments were made to the local Charities, which this year included The Trussell Trust Foodbank, and Springbank Food Bank.

The James Hopkins Trust also received a donation from the League for £250 in the light of the fact that our Front Pin Tournament was cancelled and, as a consequence, they lost the Raffle income.

5.             Adoption of Accounts                       Mr Gerry Dowd

Tony Coleman noticed balance sheets don’t balance on any of the accounts and cannot see why. He has been on holiday and unable to look at it detail   Tony felt there is not a problem but could be due to errors in formulae used, given that the Accounts show Income and Expenditure which marries up to the sums in the Bank Accounts.  Gerry explained and will liaise with Tony Coleman and report back to Committee.

Details will be brought forward to the EGM.

Proposed:             Tina Ashfield

Seconded:            Andy Collins


6.             Front Pin Report                                 Mr Tony Meadows

Nothing to report.   However, Chairman advised he felt we would be supported by Fosters again in the future.

7.             West Midlands Front Pin –                  T. Ballinger.

Terry advised he asked for transport support at the last AGM, but as only two teams were left in – the West Midlands Front Pin did not happen.

No letter submitted this year as he does not know what is happening.   His begging letter will come hopefully in 21/22 if the Games are revived.     

8.             Election of Officers – the meeting is asked whether the nominations could be taken overall as follows:                                 


HON. PRESIDENT                                        Mr Tony Coleman **

(Following the loss of Colin Stenson during this skittle season, Executive recommend

Mr Coleman, accept the vacancy)

VICE PRESIDENT                                         Vacancy

CHAIRMAN                                                Mr  A. B. Meadows

VICE CHAIRMAN                                       Mr T. Ballinger

HON. SECRETARY                                       Mrs C. Sheppard

HON. ASSISTANT SECRETARY                        Ms. T. Ashfield.

HON. TREASURER                                       Mr G. Dowd

COMMITTEE                                                Mr G. Gamble, Mrs. W. Harris, Mr P. Judge,

                                                                  Mr G. Harris, Mr T. Fulwell.

WEBMASTER                                                Mr P. Judge

FRONT PIN (West Midland)                        Mr T. Ballinger

PRESS OFFICERS                                         Mr A. M. Meadows & Mrs C. Sheppard


S. Taylor (Cannonball Elite)                                    IT Team

P. Hyland (Hustlers)                                                IT Team

G. Dowd (Firtrees)                                                  IT Team

Proposed:              Jo Hamblin

Seconded:             Phil Judge

The IT team needs strengthening. The danger is there are no understudies shadowing them. Anyone with a keen interest in the programming aspect of the League are invited to contact the Hon. Secretary for further details.

Associate Committee Members:   G. Mitchell, (Hiccups), A. Ballinger (Suffolk Family), D. Ballinger (Staverton Flyers) M. Meredith (Ducklings)  A. Collins (Allsports) D. Parsons (Swan A)

Members are reminded that they are welcome to contact Hon. Secretary with a view to becoming an Associate Committee Member any time during the Season. Associate Members come along to League Matches to assist with the running of the games. (Approval for co-opting Associate members throughout the Season was given at the 2006 AGM).

9.             Teams seeking re-election: None – there are vacancies within the League. 

10.          Teams wishing to change their Name and retain their Divisional Status:     None

11.          Teams withdrawing from the League after Constitution for 2019-2020  had been set:           Mens; Jets (D4)  Charlton Club E (D5) Ladies : None

12.          TEAMS NOT RE-REGISTERING 2020-2021 SEASON

 Men’s Section ; None.  Ladies Section : Smiths Ladies (DPB) Pinking Blinders (D3)

 Now lost atmosphere alkies

a.    New Teams – There is one new team applying for Membership in the Men’s Section, (which has vacancies) to be known as Newton Sports Club

Meeting agreed

13.          The Constitution: Charmian advised she had hoped to propose a final constitution but in the light of the projected numbers for this AGM, the difficult circumstances surrounding skittles and Covid-19, she proposed :

14.          Mens Divisions should be ok on a three up three down basis.

Ladies are more difficult and need further discussion particularly around the question of 12 or 14 teams in a division.

Asking for confirmation that final tables will enable promotions and demotions and that a meeting will be held in 2021 to approve in accordance with the circumstances then applying.

We will need an EGM to decide final Divisions for the Constitution.

In meantime we can encourage teams to support their pubs and clubs in the best way possible at this moment.

       All agreed with the proposal

15.        i)       Final Tables on the website will serve to enable promotions and demotions.

ii)        An extraordinary General Meeting will be called in 2021 when a Constitution for 2021/2022 Season will be approved (taking into account all the circumstances applicable then).

 16.          Correspondence – Hon. Secretary –


Two proposals (new/changed wording shown in blue) from Pete Hyland (Hustlers & Fireplace Team) 12 May 2020


A}         Proposed Rule C3


Current Rule C3. Each Team will play the other Teams in their Division both at Home and Away. The winning Team at each match will be awarded two points in the League Table and if the match results in a draw each team will be awarded one point. At the end of the season the Team scoring the highest number of points will be declared the Champions of their Division. If the total points awarded to Teams are equal at the end of the season a mini league will be calculated for those Teams and the points they scored when they played each other will decide their League positions. If their points are still equal then the difference between the totals of the pins scored in their matches will decide their positions. If the positions can still not be determined, then a play-off match will be arranged and controlled by the Executive Committee.

Proposed: If part of the season schedule is cancelled with less than half of the matches completed, no tables will be produced. Otherwise, positions in the main tables and mini leagues will be based on the average number of points earned in games played by each team. Mini league pin differences, and play-off games if needed, will be used to settle any unresolved ties.

16      Correspondence cont….

Proposal by Executive Committee is:            

Additional sentences to this rule :

If any part of a season schedule is forced to be cancelled, with less than half of the matches completed, no final tables will be produced.

However, if more than half the matches have been played, the Executive will determine the final placings in the main tables whilst acting in the best interests of the League.

Proposed:        Wendy Harris

Seconded:       Hilary Schofield

B)         Proposed Rule C11

C11. ALL LEAGUE MATCHES MUST BE PLAYED unless they are in an area of the schedule which has been officially cancelled. Points cannot be claimed for unfulfilled matches

Committee agrees with this change.

C)        Proposal from Charlies Angels :

In the light of recent difficulties in signing on 12 regular players, will the AGM please discuss the number of players needed in a team.

Executive Committee Response :   The Executive Committee felt it was too early to fully discuss matters such as this.

Not knowing how or when we can bring skittles back hampers a discussion on this point. It will go forward to an EGM which will be held at some early point in 2021 when the situation about gatherings , and how skittles can come back will also be clearer.

To bring to the EGM, it will also be necessary to ask every single team in the league so it can be discussed in detail.



17.          Chairman’s Closing Remarks

Just to finish, Tony Meadows,  advised he cannot thank enough those attending the meeting, especially as some of us are not totally OK on IT,  He thanked the Committee for their hard work especially Charmian and thanked the players who have had a tremendous amount of patience with the situation.   STAY SAFE AND SKITTLES WILL BE BACK.

Phil Judge advised we had used the League nominated Charity donation to give £200 to the Holly Gazzard Trust. Nick Gazzard having been due to present the Trophies at our presentation night.

He also advised he felt we had been so up front from the beginning with our advice and guidance, noting that other Skittles organisations had also followed on our actions.

Meeting closed 8.30 p.m.