In an effort to help teams during these difficult times an addition to the rules was adopted at the AGM, which has caused some not inconsiderable debate on Facebook.

This is Appendix B  (Addition to the existing RULE E 2 : Covid 19 amendment) which is to be reviewed at the end of the 2021-2022 season agreed at the AGM.

Team Captains to declare the number of players they are fielding prior to the start of the game.

 (The game format is 12 v 12 players)

However, any team who can only field 10 players may nominate two from the four lowest scoring players to play for the second time

These players to be picked from the four lowest scores in the first three legs, therefore bowling for the second time on the fourth leg.

The Executive Committee appreciate the comments, and the overall interest in skittles shown by our members, even when the debate gets over heated.

These are difficult times and we would ask All Skittle Teams to be sensible, and mindful of the advice and guidance issued in order that skittles can continue in a safe environment.