Menís Section


Premier A Champions               Saracenís C

Premier A Runners Up              Black Abbotts

Premier B Champions               Stragglers

Premier B Runners Up              Rolling Pins

Division 1 Champions                Shurdington Sports Club

Division 1 Runners Up               Whaddon Old Boys

Division 2 Champions                Merryboys

Division 2 Runners Up               Three Bees

Division 3 Champions                Flowers Original

Division 3 Runners Up               Batmen

Division 4 Champions                Brolly Boys

Division 4 Runners Up               Hillview Men

Division 5 Champions                Seagulls

Division 5 Runners Up               Royal Oak B

Division 6 Champions                Swan A

Division 6 Runners Up               Lansdown

Division 7 Champions                St. Markís Jug-o-Nauts

Divison 7 Runners Up                Outlaws A

Highest Away in the League:     S. Daniels, Britannia  67


Charity Cup Champions            Strollers

Charity Cup Runners Up                       Shurdington Cricket Club

Highest Away in Cup                 T. Keen, Whaddon Old Boys 61

Tim Masling Memorial Shield    S. Wheeler, Strollers  51

Front Pin Champion                   S. Agg - Flowers Original


Ladies Section:

Premier A Champions               Malvern Ladies

Premier A Runners Up              Suffolk ladies

Premier B Champions               Wrong Numbers

Premier B Runners Up              Gamps ladies

Division 1 Champions                Hiccups

Division 1 Runners Up               Golden Delicious

Division 2 Champions                The Beavers

Division 2 Runners Up               Old Pats Ladies

Division 3 Champions                Merrybelles

Division 3 Runners Up               Crown & Harp Ladies

Highest Away in the League      S. Smith, The Fillies and

                                                   S. Westbury, The Beavers      60

Ladies Charity Cup Champions Old Anchor Ladies

Charity Cup Runners Up                       Charltonians

Highest Away in the Cup                       E. Gerrard, Suffolk Ladies       71

Miv Barnes Trophy                                L. Walker, Charltonians          49

Front Pin Champion                               R. Povey, Old Anchor Ladies