Saracens 'C' Mens Premier 'A'

The Stragglers Premier 'B' Champions

Rolling Pins -Premier 'B' Runners-up  

Mens Division 1 Champions

Shurdington Sports Club

Mens Division 1 Runners-up

Whaddon Old Boys

Mens Division 2 Champions Merryboys


Mens Division 2 runners-up Three Bees


Mens Division 3 Champions Flower Originals

Mens Division 3 Runners-up   Batman  

 Mens Division 4 Champions Brolly Boys
Division 4 Runners-up  Hillview Men  

Mens Division 5 Champions Seagulls

Mens Division 5 Runners-up Royal Oak 'B'  

Mens Division 6 Champions   Swan 'A' Mens Division 6 Runners-up Lansdown

Mens Division 7 Champions St Marks Jug- O -Nauts

Mens Division 7 Runners-up Outlaws 'A' Mens highest score in league S.Daniels Britannia  67

Mens Charity Cup Champions Strollers
Mens Charity Cup Runners-up

Shurdington Cricket Club


Mens highest score in the Cup T.Keen 61

Collected by Kevin Sutherland

Tim Masling Shield  S.Wheeler of Strollers

Steve Agg Front Pin Champion