Additional Comments:

1.       Lose a Division in Ladies Section to reduce all the Byes.

2.       Handbook not at all useful – or stop altogether.

3.       Try to cut out byes

4.       Volunteer with line judging etc.( L. MILLAR (Men’s Section).

5.       Reduce teams to 10 players: 3-3-4 order, 1 point per section, 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw overall result.

6.       Reduce the numbers in the team to 10 – but increase the number of hands from 6 to 7 which would keep the overall time for the game, close to what it is now.

7.       Update results quicker.

8.       Presentation should only be Presentation – 20% left after the presentation !!

9.       We attended Presentation at Pittville Pump Rooms – the venue was crowded, drinks were expensive and slow to be served.

10.   Our team thinks a change in the Points awarded-should be changed to include each set.

11.   Do we need a Disco ? Team agrees changes may be necessary, the idea of points awarded to winners of each hand so that players on first/second/third hand feel they are contributing.

12.   THE League should try and limit the amount of Byes. Condense the divisions and make the last division within the least amount of teams and maybe play each other three times to eliminate weeks with no games.

13.   It is pleasing that the Pump Room has gone, massive queues and poor service at the Bar. Poor sound to disco. Something has to be done about the size of teams and more has to be done about encouraging youngsters to join. The format has always been the same, 3 on a hand, which means you only participate 35 minutes of the two hours you are there.

14.   With ref to Handbooks, is it not possible to have individual fixture cards as in the Tewkesbury & Gloucester Leagues and just one book per team.

15.   UPDATE results more frequently.

16.   A change of venue is good.

17.   Regarding the Charity Cup. We would like to see this as optional not compulsory as it is currently, with a largish contribution, i.e. £50 not to play.

18.   THE Website is very good.

19.   Handbooks mostly used by older players.

20.   Reduce League to 12 Teams. Start Season end of September.

21.   To keep interest throughout the game for all players, points should be awarded to winner of each leg. E.g. 2 points per let, 6 points to overall winner. Existing 2 points win outdated and killing game. Game over if 50 down after 2 legs an half the team go home.

22.   LESS BYES condense Leagues

23.   THE Town Hall was much better venue and well attended when we used to have it there.

24.   Advertised in  Glos Echo & Pub Noticeboard

25.   EMAIL scorecards to secretary weekly to avoid lost cards. Presentation is too drawn out.

26.   Possibly 9 players 8 hands

27.   Consider 1 points per leg whether it be 3 legs of 3, or 4 legs of 3 and 2 points per win, and 1 point for tie, there should be points per leg to keep everyone interested.

28.   Only reason we have been able to keep same 16-17 players season on season is our end of season Tour. Our team is poor on skittles ability but good @ social events.

29.   Maybe dispense with the disco to save costs and just have a presentation night.

30.   The Gloucester League scoring: 2 points first half, 2 points second half and 2 points for win, preferable to Cheltenham League.

31.   We want the Flatner Noise reinstated. (comment made for changes to website)

32.   Would be useful if the division who a team has dropped out could be emailed as I know of several teams who have arrived on alley and found other team no longer in league.

33.   Input results on line or text them in to speed up compilation of tables.

34.   Less Presentation – more Party

35.   Pubs could give a free drink to drivers. To allow players to sign on and play for 2 teams in different divisions. No handbooks needed.

36.   Not very easy to navigate round website.

37.   As Captain I use the website to check league tables and at the start of the season to put the fixtures together and then use our own fb page.

38.   Include dates for cup semi final/finals in key dates

39.   Unless for weather, any team wanting to cancel a fixture should give opposition & League at least 7 days notice.

40.   Website: Super, Well up to date.

41.   1pt per leg 2 pts a win 6pts the game

42.   Presentation Night would be better for us if it was more in the centre of town.

43.   Maybe start playing league games on a Friday Night in clubs if possible, and cup games on a Saturday night/Sunday afternoons. Reduce Age to 15 to sign on.

44.   It would be good if you made all the leagues up to do away with all the byes – teams are getting fed up with byes.

45.   Presentation very quick – Team Photo’s should be taken on stage with trophies and in the Echo to raise the profile of the League.