The birth of the Cheltenham Skittles League.   

The earliest records of the league at this time is 1906,when it was called 'The Cheltenham and District Skittles League' although skittle alleys are mentioned in Cheltenham in as early as 1700's. In my research I found that until the formation in 1906 of the league alleys were mainly used by the Air Gun clubs of which  there were many and one of the cups played for donated by Charles Dickins and it was the major Air Gun trophy worth 25 back in 1910 ( today value 2300.00p)  and records show that their members were some of the first skittlers in the league. Each team had 9 players and divided in to 3 sets of 3,each set bowled  3 hands ( 9 balls). There were many characters  who were at the start and remained with the league until the First World War.


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  1906 / 07      
   Played  Won   Points
  Crown Inn  20 15 30
  Vine Tree Inn      
  Bee Hive Inn      


                          The Vine Tree Inn at Prestbury





         Echo Saturday 15th.April 1907
The Crown Inn Skittles Club paid a visit
to Prestbury to play return matches
with Bee Hive Inn and Vine Tree Inn
and came off victors in both matches
beating the former by 15 points and the
latter by 21 points . Their record now
stands won 15 and lost 5.
            Echo Wednesday 19th. April 1907
The Crown Skittles Club received a visit
from a crack Gloucester team formed by
Bob Townley of the Robin Hood but found the homesters too strong for them
The Crown winning 5 points to 1


The Robin Hood Gloucester                                                         

 Crown Inn   P15 -       W13 -     26pts.
 Fountain Inn   P15 -     W11 -       22pts
 Vine Tree Inn   P15 -       W3 -       6pts
 Wellington Bar   P15 -       W3 -       6pts
Crown Inn played friendlies against
Royal Oak and Hanover Inn during season


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