A reminder that when we play our games, whether it is at Home or Away, we are using Alleys hosted in local Pubs and Clubs, and they welcome us in.


This welcome will be short lived in some cases when skittlers behave in a manner which leaves a lot to be desired.


It has been disappointing to learn that some of our skittlers are taking their own drinks into licensed bars/clubs where they are playing skittles.  


These secret stashes, whether they are in pockets, handbags, carrier bags, wherever, are no longer secret when they are spotted by staff and team mates.


It is also unacceptable that skittlers should make remarks/comments which are rude and aggressive to the staff working in these bars/clubs and it is sad to learn that this is happening.


This is totally unfair and unreasonable behaviour towards any member of Management and/or Bar Staff and will not be tolerated.

 If a complaint is received it will be investigated and a decision taken under Rule E1 in the handbook.


Whilst it is appreciated there are only a minority who behave like this, this minority is in danger of bringing the name of the Cheltenham Skittle League into disrepute.


Skittles is a great game, which during these difficult times is brilliant to be able to play, and it should be happening in an enjoyable and sporting atmosphere please ensure it does.


Thank You




Hon. Secretary