Charities supported this year

Butterfly Garden  250
Have a Go Club  new for 2018  350
Suicide Crisis  400
 Samaritans  500
 Maggies  500
 Cotswold Listener  250
 Cotswold  Hospital Radio  250
 Cotswold Riding for  Disabled  300
 Cheltenham and District Sports for the Disabled  300
 Sue Ryder  350      
 Hamper Scamper  200
Severn Free Wheelers  250
Guest of Honour choice  200
Old F0lks Party  1500
                                                                                     Total  6984.10p 

 Another 1384.10p was raised for the James Hopkins Trust from raffles at the 'Foster' Front Pin competition in May. This brings the total to  Jams Hoskins Trust to over 14,500.

The league also donated 1500 to the 'Old Folk Christmas Party' with which this event would not happen.

The Cheltenham Skittle League are proud of the amount  of money raised by members of league to 232,634.10p to 2018

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