Premier A Men Premier B Men Division 1 Men Division 2 Men Division 3 Men
Saracens C Mackesons Diards Cannonballs Bishops Cleeve Outcasts
Black Abbotts Starbrights Steamers Madhatters Saracens A
Staverton Flyers Pittville Outcasts Bye Bye Cream
Cannonballs Elite Golden Miller The Rose Fishers Allsports
Baro Boys Mitre Cowley C.C. Temperance XII Superstars
Victory D Fox & Hounds Merryfellow A Tivoli Boys Strollers
Ullenwood C.C. Eagle Star A Billy Bunters Norwood Arms A Syndicate
Celery Boys Beehive Bitzas Merry Beez Kraftsmen Knot'Eres
Destroyers Ex Cons All Stars Kingfishers Hustlers
Merrymakers Rebels Telehoist A Wombles Globetrotters
Legion 'B' B/C Hath & Redd C.C. Vikings Chosen Champs Bye
Stragglers Shurdington Sports Club Merryboys Flowers Original Brolly Boyz
Rolling Pins Whaddon Old Boys Three Bees Batmen Hillview Men
Travellers Flyers Smiths  A Mira Odds & Ends
Division 4 Men Division 5 Men Division 6 Men Division 7 Men  
Shurdington C.C. Victory A Combine Granny Smiths  
Britannia Springers Parklands B Cheltenham Bus Club  
Rowanfield S.C. Duke Of York Bye Cheltenham King George  
Albion House B/C Card Sharks Barons Smiths B  
Whaddon Sports Young Ones Chelt Cricket Club Winalots  
Fir Trees Motormen Utd. Pluckers Cleeve Colts  
Jets Co-Op Royal Bees Tankards  
Members Series 12 Cheltenham Allsorts Green Dragon  
Av-Its Adders Old Pats C Charles Dickins  
Old Golds Nomads Charlton Club E Outcasts  
Double Barrel Outlaws B Bye Brown Jug B  
Seagulls Swan A St Marks Jug O Nauts Prestbury Rovers  
Royal Oak B Lansdown Outlaws A Smutty Shunters  
Tabards Jolly Crew Cavendish House A Bye  
Premier A Ladies Premier B Ladies Division 1 Ladies Division 2 Ladies Division 3 Ladies
Malvern Ladies Charltonians Pink Panthers Hounds Ladies Ladies Auxiliary
Suffolk Ladies Charlie's Angels Twisters Ladies Bees Prairie Girls
Old Anchor Ladies Aristocrats Belles Bye Ex Pats Ladies
Tatty'Eads Grumpy Old Women Wanderers Ladies Castaways Moonshiners
Gothics Drop-Outs Stragglettes Fillies Victory Ladies
Atmosphere Alkies Ravin Banshees Bouncing Babes Acorns Halfpennies
Wheatsheaf Ladies Merrymaids Smiths Beez Kings Head Ladies Union Ladies
Charlton Ladies A Ducklings Sarees Exiles Queen Bees Owls
Black & White Liberty Belles Oak Breakaways Bye Gregs
Wrong Numbers Hiccups Beavers Merrybelles Bluebelles
Gamps Ladies Golden Delicious Old Pats Ladies Crown & Harp Ladies Crazy Chicks
Smiths Ladies Ex Cons Ladies Pinups Scrumpies Bye