Minutes of Cheltenham Skittles League


Annual General Meeting – Tuesday June 27th, 2019 7.30pm Victory Club Cheltenham


The Chairman opened the meeting.



CHAIRMAN                                                       Mr  A. B. Meadows

VICE CHAIRMAN                                              Mr. T Ballinger

HON. SECRETARY                                           Mrs C. Sheppard

HON. ASSISTANT SECRETARY                        Ms. T. Ashfield.

HON. TREASURER                                          Mr G. Dowd

COMMITTEE                                                     Mr G. Gamble, Mrs. W. Harris, Mr P. Judge Mr G. Harris, Mr T. Fulwell,

WEBMASTER                                                   Mr P. Judge


ATTENDANCE                                              52


1.             Apologies:      

2.             Vice Chairman                         Mr. T Coleman            

Grumpy Old Women; Seagulls; Eagle Star A

3.             Minutes of the A.G.M. 2018,     previously issued.

Proposed:                                Hillview Men

Seconded:                                Phil Judge


4.             Hon. Secretary’s Report          Mrs Charmian Sheppard

Thank you all for coming – AGM’s can be difficult events to enthuse a great attendance, and tonight we are up against the England Women’s football team – so thank you for being here. Thank you to all the Secretaries for their hard work in keeping teams on track.

Overall it has been another good year, albeit with some hiccups and obviously some highs and lows, but in the main, our success can be measured by the fact that so many of us still play and enjoy skittles.

We do need to try and build on our younger players – whilst it is great to go out and about celebrating 50 years skittling with the same team – we do need to start building again, from the younger age group.

We do have our own website, and Facebook page, which gets the news out there, but in a sense we are talking to the converted – so this forthcoming season we will be looking at how to highlight in the wider world that skittles is still here – as you know players can be signed on throughout the year – it is just transfers which cannot happen after January 31st.

It has for me, had some interesting moments, particularly in arguing over the fines for incomplete cards/results – given that these now apply to both the home and away teams – I had some particularly challenging communications, but it goes with the territory of sitting where I sit, and nevertheless Skittles remains a great game to be involved with.

Congratulations go to all our Champions, particularly in the Ladies Section where the Suffolk ladies did the double, taking both Premier A and the Charity Cup – My thanks to the Committee for all their efforts along the way.

I wish you all well for next Season, it will I’m sure be another interesting one – some of us need to do better, others just need to floor those few extra pins to beat their rivals – but whatever sort of game you are having – the key point to remember is, it should be fun – it should be enjoyable – because there are a great bunch of skittlers’ out in skittle land and we are a great community to be part of.


5.             Hon. Treasurer’s Report          Mr Gerry Dowd

Gerry explained the accounts in detail


6.             Adoption of Accounts Mr Gerry Dowd

Proposed:        Keith Bronger

Seconded:        Andy Collins


The Chairman gave thanks to Gerry for doing the accounts.



7.             Front Pin Report                      Mr Tony Meadows

Sponsored by Heineken under brand of Fosters and they have also advised next year’s Front Pin is secure.

This year the men’s champion Russell Capel of Cannonballs Elite and Marie McCullum our previous winner.   We raised £1222 for James Hopkins Trust  

We had Less players than last year and we would like to hear from you with any proposals.

Thanks to the players and the committee for another successful year.


8.             West Midlands Front Pin –      Terry Ballinger

 Any interested players should contact Terry direct.

Terry Ballinger has requested £520  this year covering the cost of coaches etc.

Proposed:        Andy Collins

Seconded:        Debbie Labrum


9.             Election of Officers – the meeting is asked whether the nominations could be taken overall as follows:                           

PRESIDENT                                                Mr Colin Stenson

VICE PRESIDENT                                       Mr Tony Coleman

CHAIRMAN                                                 Mr A. B. Meadows

VICE CHAIRMAN                                        Mr T. Ballinger

HON. SECRETARY                                     Mrs C. Sheppard

HON. ASSISTANT SECRETARY                  Ms. T. Ashfield.

HON. TREASURER (New)                           Mr G. Dowd

COMMITTEE                                               Mr G. Gamble, Mrs. W. Harris,

Mr G. Harris, Mr T. Fulwell,

WEBMASTER & COMMITEE                       Mr P. Judge

FRONT PIN (West Midland)                         Mr T. Ballinger

PRESS OFFICERS                                      Mr A. B. Meadows & Mrs C. Sheppard


Associate Committee Members:

S. Taylor (Cannonball Elite)                         IT Team

P. Hyland (Hustlers)                                     IT Team

G. Dowd (Fir Trees)                                     IT Team

M. Thomas                                                  IT Team

G. Mitchell, (Hiccups); A. Ballinger (Suffolk Ladies); D. Ballinger (Staverton Flyers); M. Meredith (Strollers); A. Collins (Allsports); Dave Rutherford (Chosen Champs); D Parsons


Members are reminded that they are welcome to contact Hon. Secretary with a view to becoming an Associate Committee Member, any time during the Season. Match dates are published, and all Associate Members are welcome to come along to League Matches to assist with the running of the games. (Approval for co-opting Associate members throughout the Season was given at the 2006AGM)

 Proposed:             Anita Pulley – Smiths Bees

Seconded:              Wendy Watson – Wheatsheaf Ladies

Voted unanimously


10.           Teams seeking re-election:

None – there are vacancies within the League. 


11.           Teams wishing to change their Name and retain their Divisional Status:



12.           Teams withdrawing from the League after the Constitution for 2017-2018 had been set:

Mens; British Legion Extras (D3 Tivoli CC (D5) Buzzards (D6) Magpies (D7)

Ladies:  Wildkatz (D1)



13.           TEAMS NOT RE-REGISTERING 2019/2020 SEASON

 Men’s Section: Adders (D5; Old Pats C (D6)


14.           New Teams – There are no new Teams applying for Membership.

Ladies Section:   Pinking Blinders


15         The Constitution is proposed as per Appendix A.   ***attached

Adoption: that this is the Constitution of the Cheltenham Skittles League 2019-2020

Proposed:        Terry Ballinger

Seconded:        Kath Court


Proviso for Charmian to be able to alter leagues if a team falls out in the men’s or ladies league if we are able to delete a division:


Proposed:        Gordon Harris

Seconded:        Keith Bronger.


15.           Correspondence: Hon. Secretary


Wanted to propose a change to men’s skittle league 10 teams per division thanked for suggestion because of byes but no byes this year.


Dates for season are set and they are correct.       Just got to firm up dates for finals and semi finals.

Next year’s front pin will start on 4th May as 8th May Friday is now bank holiday.



17.           Chairman’s Closing Remarks


The Chairman closed the meeting by thanking all those who give their help throughout the year, including the committee.


Happy skittling for next year.



Meeting closed 8.25 p.m.




Dates for next Season


Handbook Distribution                             Wednesday September 4th 2019

Season Start:                                            w/c 9th September 2019

Cup 1st Round:                                          w/c 30th September

Shorter Season Start:                               w/c 30th September

Cup 2nd Round:                                         w/c 28thth October

Christmas Break:                                      w/c 23rd December

New Year Break                                        w/c 30th December

Season Start Second Half                         w/c 6th January 2020

Race Week Break:                         w/c 9th March 2020

Final Week                                                w/c 6th April 2020

Charity Cup Semi Finals Nights:              

Charity Cup Finals Nights:                       Wednesday      April 29th Men

                                                                 Thursday         April 30th Women        

Front Pin:                                                  Monday May 4th – Thursday May 7th

                                                                                       N.B. Bank Holiday 8th May

                                                                 Monday May 11th – Friday May 22nd Inc.

Presentation 2020                                     Friday June 19th