I hope you are all safe and well – an unexpected end to our 2019-2020

Season which saw us having to deal with flooding, various storms, and now the coronavirus – I don’t think I have experienced a season like it in my time involved with the League.

However, that being said, there is of course the next season to plan for, and following the Executive Meeting last night (21.03.20) it was decided :

Teams should register in the same way            BUT

I have all the forms for last year showing your registered players – and I am happy to use those for the forthcoming season. Your £45. Fee entitles you to have 20 players signed on, more than that and I will need an individual form.


Please register your team by the due date, (Saturday May 9th) on the Team form, and let me know if I should delete anyone from your list (you should have a copy) and I will do so.

Individual registration forms can be downloaded from the website if you have totally new players, and returned to me as and when you can.

At the moment there is no starting date, but we need to be ready to go once the social isolating is over.

Both the AGM & Presentation Night are on hold, but planning for Matches must start.

We will open the season with

Week 1 – Semi-Final Games for the Charity Cup

Week 2 – Finals for the Charity Cup

Week 3 – Reintroduce the Champions Games (Men’s, Ladies & Overall)

Week 4 – Season will totally commence.

Any queries, please come back to me.



Charmian Sheppard – Hon. Secretary