Our Ladies Champion

Fosters Front Pin Competition



Our Mens Champion

Nicky Roberts of Rav' Banshees 

Nicky and Stewart

 Stewart Wilsdon of the Golden Miller

Debbie Wood of the Wanderers 


David Ballinger of the Staverton Flyers


Vie Haluscakova of the Hiccups


Phil Edge  2011 Champion


Jolene Clarke 2014 champion


Tim Masling 2013 champion


Joan Billett 2013 Champion


Cain Thomas of the Double Barrel


Ali Cardoza of the Wheatsheaf Ladies


 Will Sims of the Cheltenham Bus Club


Julie Meredith of the Ducklings


Steve Voyce of the Rolling Pins


Anita Pulley of Smiths Beez


 Martin Southgate of the Tabards



League Chairman Tony Meadows handing over a cheque for   1300.00p to the James Hopkins Trust


Committee listening intently to the Sponsor